Changing image color depth

You can modify an image’s color depth in View mode. Color depth refers to the range of colors an image contains.

To change the color depth of an image:

In View mode, click Tools | Modify | Change Color Depth, and select one of the options described below.

Color depth options

Black and White

Two-color black and white palette

16 Grays

16-color grayscale palette

256 Grays

256-color grayscale palette

16 Colors

16-color palette

256 Colors

256-color palette (GIF format uses 256 colors by default)


32,768-color palette


16,777,216-color palette of all colors visible to humans

You can use ACDSee 12 to convert an image to any of these color depths. However, to use certain image enhancement tools, filters, blends, and adjustment options, the image must be Hicolor or Truecolor. To edit an image that is not originally Hicolor or Truecolor, you can convert it, edit the image, and then convert it back to its original color depth.

Changing image color depth