Using the Color dialog box

The Colors dialog box appears in several places in Edit when you select or apply a color. You can use the Color dialog box to select a color in multiple ways and to adjust a color using several different tools.

ACDSee Photo Manager SS Color Dialog Using the Color dialog box

The color grids

In the top left corner there is a fixed grid of Basic colors to choose from, including gray, black, and white in the last three boxes. Below it is a grid of Custom colors that you can fill in by creating a custom color, and then clicking the Add to Custom Colors button.

The color palette and slider

Beside the Basic colors is a color palette. It contains all the colors of the spectrum from red through yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, pink, to red again. The colors at the top of the palette are pure primary colors with increasing amounts of gray added until along the bottom, the colors are mostly gray. If you want a color to have a smoky look, select it from the bottom end of this palette. Similarly, you will find colors like browns at the lower end of the red/orange in this palette.

On the far right is a color slider. In the slider, the actual color selected is where the small black arrow appears. You can then adjust the color to add white or black to it by moving the slider up to add white (for pastels) until it is completely white or move the slider down to add black (for a richer color) until it is completely black.

Selecting and adjusting colors

To select a color, click on a square in either grid, or on the color palette. You can also drag over the color palette. When you click a color, or lift your finger off the mouse after dragging, that color appears in the large Color/Solid square and all its numerical values; Hue, Saturation, Luminosity, as well as Red, Green, Blue, appear in the boxes.

You can also adjust a color by changing the Hue Saturation, and Luminosity numbers. To select a precise color, type in the values for that color. You can do the same using the Red, Green, Blue values.

Using the Color dialog box