Applying a Dauber effect

You can use the Dauber effect to make your images look like they were painted with a paint dauber. You can select or change the Dauber options to apply the effect to your image, and save your options as a preset for use at another time.

To use the Dauber effect:

  1. In Edit mode, in the Add group, click Special Effect.
  2. Click Dauber.
  3. On the Dauber tab, set the options as described below.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click Done to accept your changes and close the pane.
    • Click Cancel to discard your changes and close the pane.

Dauber options


Specifies the amount of color applied with each daub.


Specifies the number of daubs added to the image.

Background color

Specifies the background color of the filtered image.

Select the Image check box to use the original image colors or click the color picker to select a different color.

Random Seed

Indicates the random placement of the paint daubs.

When you apply the Dauber effect to an image, ACDSee 12 places the daubs randomly. This makes the paint daubs different every time you apply the filter. You can define a specific random seed to generate identical daubs.

To generate a new random seed, click Random Seed.

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