Applying an Outline effect

The Outline effect is similar to the Edge Detect effect. You can use the Outline effect to create a highlighted outline of your image. However, with the Outline effect you can control the thickness of the outline, whether an edge is outlined or not, and the color that displays behind the outlined image. You can save your options as a preset for future use.

To use the Outline effect:

  1. In Edit mode, in the Add group, click Special Effect.
  2. Click Outline.
  3. On the Outline tab, set the options as described below.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click Done to accept your changes and close the pane.
    • Click Cancel to discard your changes and close the pane.

Outline options

Line width

Specifies the width of the outline in the effect. The higher the value, the wider the outline.


Specifies how sharp an edge must be in order to be outlined. If you specify a higher value, more edges in the photo will be outlined.

Background color

Specifies the background color of the filtered image. Click the color picker to select a different color.

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