Resizing an image

You can resize an image by adjusting its dimensions in pixels, percentage, or actual/print size. While resizing, you can also choose an aspect ratio and a resampling filter to adjust the resized image’s appearance. You can save your options as a preset for future use.

To resize an image:

  1. In Edit mode, in the Geometry group, click Resize.
  2. Select one of the following resize options:
    • Pixels: resizes the image to specific dimensions in pixels.
    • Percent: Resizes the image to a percentage of the original.
    • Actual/Print size in: Resizes the image to match a specific output size. Click the drop-down list to specify a unit of measurement.
  3. If you want to maintain a specific width to height ratio, select the Preserve aspect ratio check box, and then select one of the following options from the drop-down list:
    • Original: Maintains the original image’s width to height ratio.
    • 1 x 1: Forces the width and height to be equal.
    • 2 x 3: Forces a width to height ratio of 2:3.
    • 3 x 2: Forces a width to height ratio of 3:2.
    • 3 x 5: Forces a width to height ratio of 3:5.
    • 5 x 3: Forces a width to height ratio of 5:3.
    • Custom: Applies a custom ratio. Enter a width to height ratio in the Custom Aspect Ratio dialog box.
  4. Select a resizing filter from the Resizing Filter drop-down list.
  5. Under the resize option you selected in step #3, type the image’s new dimensions into the Width and Height spin boxes. If you selected Actual/Print size in, click the Resolution drop-down list, and then select a resolution (in dots per inch) for your output image.
  6. To estimate the size of the output image, click Estimate new file size.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • Click Done to apply your changes and close the Resize tool.
    • Click Cancel to discard all changes and close the tool.

ACDSee Photo Manager tip Resizing an imageResizing tips:

  • Maintain image quality by reducing images only by 33%, 50%, or 66%. Other percentages can distort the aspect ratio.
  • Avoid resizing an image repeatedly. Each resizing places image pixels using a slightly different orientation. As a result, multiple resizes can change the overall color and appearance of the image. If your first resize attempt does not produce the desired result, click the Undo button.
  • Avoid increasing the size of an image. Increasing image size makes the image’s pixels more apparent, causing a grainy effect.

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