Reducing red eye

You can use the Red Eye Reduction tool in Edit to correct red eye in digital photographs. It is possible to change the fill color if you need to restore the iris of the eye, or an area of skin around the eye, rather than the pupil.

It is also possible to vary the intensity of the fill each time you click or drag, which gives you precise control and allows incremental changes. Sometimes it works best to have a low intensity and use repeated fine adjustments to get the best results.

To correct red eye:

  1. In Edit mode, in the Repair group, click Red Eye Reduction.
  2. Use the Zoom tools in the bottom right corner to enlarge and center the eye you want to correct.
  3. In the Fill color drop-down list, select the right color to cover the area of the eye.
  4. Click within the red portion of the eye or drag across the eye. You might have to click more than once in the red area, or drag over it repeatedly to remove all the red.
  5. You can also select Custom and enter the color values to get precisely the color you need.
  6. To set the intensity of the fill color each time you click or drag, move the Reduction intensity slider to the right (more color) or left (less color).
  7. Click Done to apply your changes and close the tool.

ACDSee Photo Manager Note Reducing red eye

Click Reset to clear your changes and reset to default settings. If you saved your changes, you cannot reset your settings.

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