Using Edit

In Edit mode, you can use the editing tools to fine tune your image, remove red eye, and apply special effects.

Editing an image

To edit an image:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In Manage mode, select one or more images, and then click Edit.
    • In View mode, select one or more images, and then click Edit.
  2. In the Selections group, click Selections.
  3. In the Repair group, click Red Eye Reduction or Repair Tool.
  4. In the Add group, click Text, Borders, Vignette, or click Special Effect and select an effect.
  5. In the Geometry group, click Rotate, Flip, Crop, or Resize.
  6. In the Exposure/Lighting group, click Exposure, Levels, Auto Levels, Tone Curves, or Lighting.
  7. In the Color group, click White Balance or Color Balance.
  8. In the Detail group, click Sharpen, Blur, or click Noise to remove or add noise.
  9. You have several options in saving your images. See Saving images in Edit for more information.

Reverting to original settings

You can discard your Edit settings and revert to the original settings for your image. For steps to revert your image, see Restoring originals.

Histogram and image viewing controls

While editing an image, you can adjust the magnification with the zoom controls, located in the bottom right corner.


ACDSee Photo Manager show histogram 16x16 Using Edit

Displays the histogram preview for the current image. The histogram preview shows the red, green, and blue color channels of the photo. Keeping the histogram open is particularly useful when adjusting exposure, as the histogram reflects all adjustments as you make them.

You can also display the Histogram as a separate window by selecting View, and then Histogram.


ACDSee Photo Manager undo 16x16 Using Edit ACDSee Photo Manager redo 16x16 Using Edit

Undo to discard all changes made on the current tab. Redo to return to the options that you had selected prior to clicking Undo. In Edit, Undo and Redo buttons display the changes you can undo or redo.

Display Full Screen

ACDSee Photo Manager full screen 16x16 Using Edit

Displays the image on a full screen. Press F to view full screen and to return to Edit mode.

Actual Size

ACDSee Photo Manager actual size 16x16 Using Edit

Returns the current image to its actual size.

Navigator Pane

ACDSee Photo Manager navigator 16x16 Using Edit

Zooms into a specific area of the image. Click the Navigator icon to display a small duplicate of your image, and drag your cursor to a section of the image. Release the cursor to zoom into the image. The Navigator icon is only available after clicking Actual Size.

Fit Image

ACDSee Photo Manager fit image 16x16 Using Edit

Reduces the image to fit within the Edit mode area.

Show Saved

Toggles the changes on or off, to compare the current image to the last saved version.

Zoom slider

ACDSee Photo Manager SS ZoomSlider Std Using Edit

Increases the size of the image if you drag it to the right, decreases the size if you drag to the left.

Zoom drop-down list

ACDSee Photo Manager SS ZoomDropDown Std Using Edit

Displays a list of zoom sizes to select.

Using Edit