Finding other resources and support

The Help menu on the ACDSee 12 menu bar contains links to open plug-in help files and options that link you to the ACDSee Web site, where you can find tutorials, user guides, video demos, updates, newsletters, and system requirements.

Other links take you to the support page, to the registration page or the community home page, where you can join the community and participate in the ACDSee forums.

The Help menu is also where you can convert a trial version of ACDSee 12 to a full version by entering a license code.

To find plug-in help:

Click Help | Plug-in Help, and then select the name of the plug-in help file.

To enter a license code:

  1. Click Help | Enter License Code.
  2. Enter a license code and click OK.

To purchase ACDSee products:

  1. Click Help | Purchase ACDSee.
  2. Select Order Online or Order by Phone to place your order.

To find training and documentation resources:

Click Help | Product Support and Resources to learn what you can do with ACDSee 12.

To open the Customer Support page:

Click Help | Customer Support to find the help and resources you need.

To register ACDSee 12:

Click Help | Product Registration where you can follow the instructions on how to register your product.

To join the ACDSee Community:

Click Help | ACDSee Community to open the ACDSee Community page, where you can follow the instructions on how to join the forums.

To find other ACDSee products:

Click Help | ACDSee Products to read about other ACDSee products.

Finding resources and support