Using ACDSee 12 Help

There are two levels to the help system:

  • The main help system that contains detailed instructions about every aspect of the application.
  • Context-sensitive Help that opens from inside a dialog or wizard in ACDSee 12 and gives you specific information about how to use that particular feature.

The Help menu also contains a direct link to the What’s New in the Help, that lists all the features new to this release of the software.

To use the main help file:

  1. On the Menu bar, click Help | Contents.
  2. To browse the help file, select the Contents tab and browse through the table of contents, which is organized by workflow.
  3. To search for a particular work or phrase, select the Search tab, type in the word, and click List Topics.
  4. To use the Index, select the Index tab and type in a keyword.

To use the context-sensitive help:

In the dialog, click the Help button or press F1 on the keyboard to open the help topic about that feature.

To open the What’s New:

On the menu bar, click Help | What’s New.

Using the ACDSee Help