Using View mode

You can use View mode to display your images and media files using their actual dimensions or at a variety of magnifications. You can also display a group of images in sequential order.

View mode contains four main areas:

  • Bottom toolbar: Located below the main viewing area, the Bottom toolbar provides shortcut buttons to commonly-used tools and commands, such as the zoom and scroll tools. You can customize the toolbar to use large or small icons, or you can choose to not display the toolbar.
  • View area: This is the main viewing area, which displays the current image or media file. You can customize the view, and zoom in or out on your images and media files.
  • Filmstrip: This is an area below the main viewing area, which displays thumbnails of the images in the current folder or in the group of images you selected in Manage mode. It provides a scroll bar along the bottom, so that you can scroll through your images, and buttons for moving to the next or previous image.
  • Status bar: Located at the bottom of the window, the Status bar displays information and properties for the current image or media file. It also displays overlay icons for rating and tagging that you can click to edit.

View mode can also display the Properties pane to show database, EXIF, and IPTC information about the image or file. View mode also has the Navigator, Magnifying Glass and Histogram panes, each of which show detailed image information.

To open an image or media file in View mode:

In Manage mode, in the File List pane, do one of the following:

  • Select a file and press Enter.
  • Select a file and click the View mode button.
  • Double-click a file.
  • Right-click an image or media file, and then select View.

To open a group of images in View mode:

  1. In Manage mode, in the File List pane, select a group of images.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. To navigate through the images, do the following:
    • To view the next image in the sequence, click Next.
    • To view the previous image in the sequence, click Previous.

Viewing images in full screen mode

You can use the entire screen of your monitor to display images. In full screen mode, the window borders, menu bar, status bar, and toolbars are hidden, and only the image is visible. If you want to always view your images in full screen mode, you can set this option as the default for View mode.

To view images in full screen mode:

  1. Open an image or a group of images in View mode.
  2. Click View | Full Screen.
  3. Right-click the image to access the View mode tools and options via a shortcut menu.

To exit full screen mode:

Do one of the following:

  • Press the F key.
  • Right-click the image and select View | Full Screen.

Using the View mode panes

To open the View mode panes:

  1. Open an image in View mode.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click View | Histogram to display the histogram for the image.
    • Click View | Magnifying glass to magnify the area of the image under your cursor.
    • Click View | Navigator to display a thumbnail overview of a magnified image.
    • Click View | Properties to display file, database, EXIF, or IPTC information about the image.

Using the Bottom toolbar

Use the Bottom toolbar to access commonly-used tools.

Bottom toolbar

ACDSee Photo Manager image basket 16x16 Using View mode

Add to image basket

Adds the image to the image basket.

ACDSee Photo Manager rotate left 16x16 Using View mode

Rotate left

Rotates the image to the left.

ACDSee Photo Manager rotate right 16x16 Using View mode

Rotate right

Rotates the image to the right.

ACDSee Photo Manager scroll 16x16 Using View mode


Pans or scrolls the image when the image is zoomed to a larger size than the View mode area.

ACDSee Photo Manager select tool 16x16 Using View mode


Selects a rectangular area of the image.

ACDSee Photo Manager zoom dropdown 16x16 Using View mode


Zooms in or out on the image. Click to zoom in or right-click to zoom out.

ACDSee Photo Manager full screen 16x16 Using View mode

Full Screen

Displays the image on a full screen. Press F to view full screen.


Show Original

Toggles between the original image and the edited image.

ACDSee Photo Manager  Using View mode uttonsSliders/SS_ZoomSlider_Std.png">

Zoom slider

Controls the size of the image in the View mode area. Drag the slider to adjust the size.

ACDSee Photo Manager SS ZoomDropDown Std Using View mode

Zoom drop-down list

Displays a list of zoom sizes to select.

ACDSee Photo Manager actual size 16x16 Using View mode

Actual Size

Returns the image to its actual size.

ACDSee Photo Manager fit image 16x16 Using View mode

Fit Image

Reduces the image to fit within the View mode area.

Switching to Manage mode

You can return to Manage mode at any time.

To return to Manage mode from View mode:

Do one of the following:

  • Press Enter.
  • Double-click the image.
  • Click File | Manage.
  • Click the Manage mode button.

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