Renaming multiple files

You can use the Batch Rename tool to rename multiple files. You can specify a template with a numerical or alphabetical sequence, save your template for future use, replace specific characters or phrases, and insert file-specific information into each new file name.

To rename a group of files:

  1. In Manage mode, select one or more files, and then click Tools | Batch | Rename.
  2. In the Batch Rename dialog box, do one or more of the following:
    • Select the Template tab to specify the Template options.
    • Select the Search and Replace tab to set the Search and Replace options.
    • Select the Advanced Options tab to adjust the settings for the Batch Rename tool.
    • Review your changes to the file names in the Preview field.
  3. Click Start Rename.

ACDSee Photo Manager Note Renaming multiple files

You cannot rename any file on a read-only file system, such as a CD-ROM.

Batch Rename options


Select the Use Template to rename files check box to create a renaming template. You can specify a numerical or alphabetical sequence for the new file names, and use the original file names, new names, or names based on image metadata.


Displays the template to use to rename the files.

Type an asterisk (*) to insert the original file name into the template. Use one or more number signs (#) to insert numeric or alphabetic characters, depending which options you selected.

Click the arrow on the drop-down list to select a recently-used template.

Clear Templates

Clears the recently-used templates from the Templates drop-down list.

Use numbers to replace #’s

Replaces any number signs (#) in the template with sequential numeric characters.

Use letters to replace #’s

Replaces any number signs (#) in the template name with sequential alphabetic characters.

Start at

Specifies the first letter or number of the sequence.

Insert Metadata

Inserts file-specific information into the file name template.

Position the cursor in the Template field, and then click Insert Metadata to open the Choose Property dialog box. Select the metadata you want to insert, and then click OK.

File name case

Specifies upper or lower case for file names and file format extensions.

Search and Replace

Select the Use Search and Replace to rename files check box to replace certain letters or words in the file names. You can replace spaces with underscores, or change upper case letters to lower case, and combine your changes with any naming template.

Search for

Identifies the characters you want to replace in the file names.

Replace with

Identifies the characters to use in place of the original text.

Case sensitive

Indicates whether you want to limit the search to the same case you typed in the Search for field.

Advanced Options

Select any of the Advanced Options to adjust the behavior of the Batch Rename tool.

Automatically close wizard when finished

Closes the Batch Rename dialog box when the renaming process is complete.

Save current settings as defaults

Stores the current settings and loads them the next time you rename files.

Warn about extension changes

Provides a warning if you have changed the file extension as part of the template.

Automatically resolve naming conflicts

Automatically resolves any naming conflicts by adding an underscore and a sequential number to the end of each file name.

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