Gathering images in the Image Basket

You can use the Image Basket to gather and hold images and media files from different locations or folders. Once you have placed items in the Image Basket, you can use any of the tools or features in ACDSee 12 to edit, share, or view those files.

To use the Image Basket:

  1. To open the Image Basket, in Manage mode, click View | Image Basket.
  2. In the File List pane, select the files you want to add. Drag the items to the Image Basket, or right-click a selected item and select Add to Image Basket.
  3. To remove one or more files, right-click the file, and then select Remove from Image Basket.
  4. To remove all files, right-click the Image Basket, and then select Clear Image Basket.

ACDSee Photo Manager Note Gathering images in the Image Basket

You can also add images to the Image Basket by dragging them from Windows Explorer.

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Gathering images in the Image Basket