Selecting files

In the File List pane, you can select all of your files and folders at once, select all of the files in the current folder, select only the image files, or clear your selection entirely.

You can also set an option to automatically select new files whenever you add them to the File List.

To select your files or folders:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • Select All: Selects all files and subfolders in the current folder.
    • Select All Files: Selects all files in the current folder.
    • Select All Images: Selects all image files in the current folder.
    • Select Tagged: Selects all tagged image files regardless of their folder.
    • Select by Rating: Displays a list of ratings, and selects all files currently assigned to the rating you select.
    • Clear Selection: Clears your selection.
    • Invert Selection: Selects all files except for your original selections.

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