Using the Organize pane

The Organize pane is one of the most useful panes in Manage mode as it provides so many tools for organizing and managing your files. Without moving files from their folders, you can create your own hierarchy of categories, and assign files to them by dragging the files into the new categories. Your categories can be simple or complex and follow use any names that make sense to you. There are different icons to use for different categories sets to help you identify them at a glance.

You can also assign ratings to your files from 1-5, use the Auto Categories to find files, create and run saved searches, display all the images on the computer in one click or display only those that are not yet in a category.

The ACDSee 12 database

Any organizing you do using categories or ratings (on the Organize pane or the Properties pane) is stored in the ACDSee 12 database. If you choose to, you can then also embed this information in each individual file, making it easier to relocate and share files, or retrieve the information from the file if you need to.

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Using the Organize pane