Importing photos from a scanner

The Get Photos Wizard guides you through the process of downloading files from your scanner if it uses TWAIN. You can preview the images you want to download, and specify a location for them on your hard drive.

To use the Get Photos Wizard, your scanner needs to use Windows Imaging Acquisition or TWAIN. If you are not sure how your scanner connects to your computer, please see About removable devices.

To download photos from a scanner:

  1. Connect your scanner to your computer. Make sure your scanner is turned on, and the cable is properly connected to your computer.
  2. In Manage mode, click File | Import | From Scanner.
  3. On the Source Device page, in the Device list, select the specific name of the scanner from which to download your files. Click Next when you are ready to continue.
  4. On the File Format Options page, select the following options:
    • Documents to scan: If you want to scan a single document, do not make any selections in this section. If you want to scan more than one document, select the Scan multiple documents check box, and then choose whether to create an image for each document, or a single image for all the scanned documents.
    • Output file format: Select a file format to save your images. You can click the Settings button to select any file-specific options available for your chosen format. Note that not every file format has additional settings.
  5. Click Next when you are ready to continue.
  6. Finally, on the Output Options page, specify whether you want to rename your imported images using a name template, and where to place them on your hard drive. When you are ready, click Next to copy your images.
  7. Select Browse to your new images if you want to view the files in Manage mode, and click Finish to return to ACDSee 12.

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