Cataloging files in the database

ACDSee 12 automatically adds file information and thumbnails to the database as you browse. You can use the Catalog dialog box to add groups of files to the database without having to first browse the folders. This can be particularly useful when using ACDSee 12 for the first time, and when browsing or managing large collections of images as it reduces the loading time required for these folders.

The first time you run ACDSee 12, you are prompted to catalog your files.

To catalog your files:

  1. In Manage mode, click Tools | Database | Catalog Files.
  2. In the Folders to Catalog section, select the check box next to the folders you want to catalog.
  3. If you want to add folders that are not in the list, click Add folder, select the folders you want to include, and then click OK.

  4. In the Options section, select the information to add to the database.
  5. Click Start.
  6. A progress bar shows your photos as they are cataloged.

  7. Click Finish.

ACDSee Photo Manager Info Cataloging files in the database

If you are cataloging a large collection of files, do not disrupt the process, or use other software while it is running. For large file collections, it is best to run cataloging overnight.

Cataloging files in the database