Exporting database information

You can use the ACD Database Export Wizard to save selected database information in a compressed format, and then store it as a backup, or share it with other ACDSee 12 users. You can also choose to export your category and keyword definitions to a text file.

Exporting your database information differs from creating a backup in that you can choose to export only the parts of your database that you want to share or store with specific files, such as those on a CD. Other ACDSee 12 users can import your information without affecting their existing database.

To create a backup of your entire database, including image or media files, use the ACD Database Backup Wizard.

To back up the contents of a local folder to a remote location, such as a network drive, use the ACDSync Wizard.

To use the ACD Database Export Wizard:

  1. If you want to export your database information for a specific group of images or media files, select the files in the File List pane in Manage mode.
  2. Click Tools | Database | Export | Database.
  3. Click Next to begin using the wizard.
  4. On the Content and Format Options page, specify how you want to export your database information by selecting one of the following options, and then clicking Next:
    • Export entire ACDSee database to a read-only, compressed version: Exports the entire contents of your ACDSee 12 database to a compressed version that can be shared with other ACDSee 12 users.
    • Export database information for selected items to a read-only, compressed version: Exports all of your database information for the images selected in the File List pane.
    • Export database information to a text file: Exports the selected information to an XML-based text file. Select the check boxes next to the information you want to include.
  5. On the Location Options page, specify a location for the exported information, and a name for the text file, if necessary, and then click Next.
  6. On the Summary page, review your choices. You can click Back to make changes, or click Next to begin exporting your database information.
  7. Click Finish to close the wizard and return to ACDSee 12.

Exporting database information