Organizing and managing files in ACDSee 12

In addition to its browsing, viewing, and editing capabilities, ACDSee 12 features integrated management tools you can use to organize and sort your images and media files. These tools include batch functions (tools that can alter or adjust multiple files at the same time), category and rating systems, and a powerful database to hold all of your important image information.

You can use the ACDSee 12 batch functions to rename, resize, rotate, add EXIF information, and adjust the exposure of a single image, a group of images, or the contents of an entire folder all at once. With the category and rating systems, you can create a virtual folder structure, and use it to find related images and media files with a single click.

ACDSee 12 displays file properties and image information in an easily accessible Properties pane that you can use to directly add and edit file information, including metadata and database content. You can add an author, description, notes, and keywords to your files, and adjust the category and rating assignments at the same time.

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