Replacing or overwriting files

When copying or moving files from one location to another, a file name collision occurs if a file already exists in the destination folder with the same file name and extension as a file you are relocating. In ACDSee 12, you can view both of the files involved in the Confirm File Replace dialog box. If the files involved are image files, ACDSee 12 displays thumbnail previews of both files, and provides options to replace the existing file, rename, delete, or skip the file you are moving, or cancel the operation entirely.

To use the Confirm File Replace dialog box:

  1. If you are moving a number of files and want to handle all potential file name collisions in the same manner, select the Apply to all check box.
  2. To help determine any differences between the two files, use the toolbar between the two preview fields to shrink or enlarge the size of the previews.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To replace the destination file with the source file, click Replace.
    • To rename the new file before moving it into the destination folder, type a new name for the file in the Rename to field, and then click Rename.
    • To skip this file, and leave both files intact, click Skip.
    • To delete either the destination or source file, click Delete below the file you want to remove from your hard drive.
    • To cancel the operation and not move or copy any more files, click Cancel.

ACDSee Photo Manager Info Replacing or overwriting files

In the Confirm File Replace dialog box, destination file refers to the file that exists in the target folder, and source file refers to the file you are moving or copying.

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