Selecting part of an image

You can use the Select tool in View mode to select a rectangular area of an image. You can then zoom in on the selection, copy the selection, save the selection as a new image, print the selection, and use the selection as the desktop wallpaper.

To select part of an image:

  1. Click the Select Tool icon.
  2. Drag the cursor across the image to create a marquee.
  3. Right-click inside the marquee and select one of the options described below.
  4. To cancel the selection, click an area of the image outside of the marquee.

Selection options

Zoom To

Zooms in on the selected area.


Copies the selected area to the Clipboard.

Save Crop As

Saves the selected area as a new image.


Prints the selected area.

Wallpaper Centered

Creates desktop wallpaper using the selected area and centers it on your desktop, shrinking it to fit if necessary.

Wallpaper Tiled

Creates a tiled desktop wallpaper pattern using the selected area.

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