Using ACDSee Quick View

ACDSee Quick View is an image viewer that you can use to quickly view images without opening ACDSee 12. For example, imagine that you want to view an image that someone sent to you in an email. If you double-click the image it will open in Quick View, which is like a pared-down version of View mode in ACDSee 12.

With Quick View you can quickly scroll through your images, temporarily rotate images, and zoom in and out. If you are viewing a particularly appealing image in Quick View you can also quickly set the image as your desktop wallpaper.

You can easily switch from Quick View to ACDSee 12. You also have the option to open an image in Manage mode or View mode.

If you are accustomed to using keyboard and mouse shortcuts in View mode you can use most of those shortcuts in Quick View as well.

To open an image in Quick View:

  1. With ACDSee 12 closed, double-click an image. For example, double-click the image in Windows Explorer or in an email message.
  2. Use the viewing options described below to view the image.

ACDSee Quick View viewing options

ACDSee Photo Manager backv2 16x16 Using ACDSee Quick View


View the previous image.

ACDSee Photo Manager forwardv2 16x16 Using ACDSee Quick View


View the next image.

ACDSee Photo Manager rotate left 16x16 Using ACDSee Quick View

Rotate Left

Rotate the image to the left.

ACDSee Photo Manager rotate right 16x16 Using ACDSee Quick View

Rotate Right

Rotate the image to the right.

ACDSee Photo Manager zoom in 16x16 Using ACDSee Quick View

Zoom In

View the image at a higher magnification.

ACDSee Photo Manager zoom out 16x16 Using ACDSee Quick View

Zoom Out

View the image at a lower magnification.

ACDSee Photo Manager delete 16x16 Using ACDSee Quick View


Move the image to the computer’s Recycle Bin.

To open the image in ACDSee 12:

  • Click Manage to open the image in Manage mode.
  • Click View to open the image in View mode.

To set an image as your desktop wallpaper:

  1. Click Previous or Next until the image that you want to make your desktop wallpaper displays in Quick View.
  2. Click Tools | Set Wallpaper and select one of the following:
    • Centered: Displays the image in the center of the desktop.
    • Tiled: Displays the image in one or more tiles until the desktop is covered. If the image is small it may appear in several tiles on the desktop. If the image is large it may appear in only one or two tiles.
    • Stretched: Stretches the image proportionally to fill as much of the desktop as possible.

To restore your system to the default desktop wallpaper:

Click Tools | Set Wallpaper | Restore.

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