Viewing offline images

ACDSee 12 stores thumbnails and database information for images contained on CDs or other removable media as Photo Discs. You can then browse the thumbnails and view the information for those images even when the disc is not in your CD-ROM drive.

To add a Photo Disc:

  1. Place a disc containing images into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If Device Detector is active, follow the steps to create an ACDSee Photo Disc.
    • If Device Detector is not active, in Manage mode, click File | New | Photo Disc.
  3. In the New Disc dialog box, type a name for your disc in the Title field, and then click OK.
  4. You can then browse the contents of the Photo Disc in the Offline Media section of the Folders pane.

ACDSee Photo Manager Note Viewing offline images

If you add or remove images from a disc that you have already added to ACDSee 12 as a Photo Disc, you can update the information stored in the database. Insert the disc in your CD-ROM drive, and then right-click the name of the disc in the Folders pane and select Update Photo Disc.

By default, ACDSee 12 identifies Photo Discs by their serial numbers. This is the most reliable setting to use when working with Photo Discs, particularly if you are importing or converting Photo Discs from previous versions of ACDSee 12.

However, if you are working with, or planning to work with, multi-session discs, the serial number may be regenerated or changed each time you change the contents of a disc. Therefore, the volume label is the required method of identification for multi-session Photo Discs.

Rebinding Photo Discs

Depending on the method used to identify Photo Discs, ACDSee 12 may encounter a Photo Disc that it does not recognize. This is most common when you are using the serial number method to identify Photo Discs and you insert a multi-session disc. ACDSee 12 may not recognize the disc, as serial numbers are likely to change when updating a multi-session disc.

You can use the Rebind option to update the identification information, and associate the correct database information with your disc.

To rebind a Photo Disc to its ACDSee 12 database information:

  1. In the Rebind Photo Disc dialog box, carefully review the Current disc information to be sure that the correct disc is in the drive.
  2. Select the Photo Disc record that you want to rebind to the current disc from the Photo Disc Name list.
  3. Click Rebind.

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