Printing images

With the ACDSee 12 print utility, you can print your images on any size of paper, in any orientation, and at any resolution your printer can support. You can also use the print utility to create and print contact sheets, complete with headers, footers, and captions specific to each image.

As you change the options in the Print dialog box, you can view a dynamically updated preview of the image and its position on the page. You can adjust the output size, print multiple copies of each image, and change the orientation of the images on each page.

To print your images:

  1. Select the image or images you want to print.
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. Under Print layout, do one of the following:
    • Select Full page and then choose a print size from the Format list.
    • Select Contact sheet and then set the Contact sheet format options to define the appearance of your contact sheet.
    • Select Layout and then choose one of the available layout options.
  4. On the Printer Options tab, specify the printer you want to use, the paper size, the number of copies you want, the range of pages that you want to print, and image resolution.
  5. On the Page Settings tab, specify the image position on the paper and the margin widths.
  6. Specify the number of prints of each photo. If you are printing a Full page or a Contact sheet this option is available on the Page Settings tab. If you are printing a Layout this option is available below the list of layouts.
  7. Add captions, headers, or footers. You can only add captions, headers, or footers if you are printing a Full page or a Contact sheet.
  8. Click Print.

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