Taking a screen capture

You can use the ACDSee 12 Screen Capture utility to create images from different areas of your screen. You can select what areas to capture, how you want to perform the capture, and where to store the captured image.

To take a screen capture:

  1. In Manage mode or View mode, click Tools | Screen Capture.
  2. In the Source area of the Screen Capture dialog box, identify the part of the screen you want to capture. See the table below for a description of the Source options.
  3. If you want to include your cursor in the output image, select the Include mouse cursor check box.
  4. In the Destination area, identify where you want to place the output image.
  5. In the Initiate capture area, identify how you want to take the screen capture.
  6. Click Start to launch the screen capture tool.
  7. An icon appears in the Taskbar Notification area.

  8. Prepare your screen to show the area you want to capture, and then follow the steps that appear in the bubble above the Screen Capture icon.
  9. To exit the Screen Capture utility without taking a screen capture, right-click the Screen Capture icon, and then select Exit Screen Capture.

Screen Capture options


Current monitor

Captures an image of the entire area displayed on the screen.


Entire window

Captures an image of the entire active window.

Content only

Captures an image of the window contents (does not include the frame or title bar).


Fixed size

Captures an image of a fixed area on the screen.

Click the drop-down button and select a dimension setting or select Custom, and enter the dimension in pixels.

Selected region

Captures a selected area of the screen. Click and drag your cursor to surround the area you want to capture.


Child window

Captures an image of sections of the window. For example, a toolbar or button.

Menu under cursor

Captures selected menu commands.

Include mouse cursor

Includes the cursor in the screen capture.

Destination options


Places a copy of the image on the Clipboard. From the Clipboard you can paste the image in a new location.


Displays the Save dialog box to save the file; you can specify location, format, and file name.


Opens the captured image in the default editor.

Initiate Capture options

Hot key

Designates a keystroke combination to trigger the screen capture.

To set the Hot Key, press a key or combination of keys (e.g., CTRL + S) on the keyboard; do not type in the box.


Takes a screen capture after a designated period. Choose enough time to set up your desktop or window for the screen capture. The maximum setting is 60 seconds.

Taking a screen capture