Searching with ACDSee 12

ACDSee 12 includes a number of ways to search your computer for files and folders. You can use the Search pane to search by file name, keywords, or image properties. You can create advanced searches to locate files that fall within a date or rating range and then save and name the search to use later. You can also use the Duplicate Finder to locate and manage identical files.

For simpler searches, you can use the Quick Search bar to quickly locate files and folders, or search the database for specific names and keywords. You can also customize the Quick Search bar to only search for specific items or certain parts of the database.

Also, you can use the Organize pane to quickly locate and list all images on your hard drive, or to locate any files in a folder that have not been categorized. If you are working with larger image collections, you can use Selective Browsing to specify broad or narrow criteria for the images you want to display in the File List pane.

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