Using the Quick Search bar

You can use the Quick Search bar in Manage mode to quickly locate files or folders. You can use the Quick Search options or basic operators to refine or expand your search, and view the results in the File List pane.

ACDSee Photo Manager Note Using the Quick Search bar

The Quick Search automatically searches in the Notes, Author, and Caption fields of the ACDSee 12 database. The Quick Search also searches in the Keywords, Caption, Photographer, Headline, and Special Instructions IPTC fields.

When ACDSee 12 searches file names, it only considers the first term in the file name. For example, a file called Cat_Dog would be found by searching for Cat, but not for Dog.

Search terms are not case-sensitive.

To run a Quick Search:

Do one of the following:

  1. In the Quick Search bar, type the term or part of a word for which you want to search.
  2. Click the drop-down list beside the Quick Search field and select a previously entered search term.

Quick Search operators

You can use the following operators to further refine or expand your searches in the Quick Search bar. Note that a search term cannot begin with an operator; it must start with a word.





Searches for all items containing the first search term, and then displays only those items that don’t also contain the second search term.

Cat -Dog returns all items that contain Cat, except those that also contain Dog. Be sure to insert a space before the minus sign. If you do not insert a space, ACDSee 12 will assume you are searching for a hyphenated word.


Searches for all items containing both the search term before and after the operator. Those items that only contain one of the terms, are excluded. The Quick Search bar treats spaces between words as + operators.

Cat+Dog or Cat Dog returns items containing both Cat and Dog.

Cat+Dog+-Kittens returns items that include both Cat and Dog, but not those that include Cat and Dog and Kittens.


Searches for all items containing one or the other of the search elements.

Cat|Dog includes all items with either Cat or Dog in the search.

Cat+Dog|Kittens includes items that contain both Cat and Dog, and those that contain Kittens.

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