Using the Search pane

You can use the Search pane to search for your files and folders. You can do basic searching by file name or keyword phrase, and create advanced searches to narrow your results by folders, categories, and image properties. You can also search for patterns in file names and find duplicate files.

You can also save a search and give it a name. Saved searches are listed on the Search pane and the Organize pane. On the Search pane, can select Saved searches from the drop-down list to run again. On the Organize pane, Saved Searches are listed below Auto Categories where you can run them again by clicking once on the Saved Search name.

ACDSee Photo Manager Note Using the Search pane

The Search pane will not return results for folders that are not cataloged in the ACDSee 12 database. Cataloging happens automatically when you browse to a folder. You can also click Tools | Database | Catalog Files.

To open the Search pane:

In Manage mode, click View | Search.

Search pane areas

The Search pane contains several areas to help you manager your searches. When you create a search, remember that the search tool will only return files that match all of the criteria that you specify.

Saved searches

In the Saved searches area, you can save a complex search to use later, select a search to run again, or delete a saved search.

Saved searches

If you have saved a search, it is listed in this drop-down list for you to select and run again. When you click Start at the bottom of the pane, the search results are listed in the File List pane.

Saved searches are also listed on the Organize pane, from where you can run them with a single click on the Saved Search name.

Save a search

ACDSee Photo Manager save as search 16x16 Using the Search pane

Click the Save icon, and then Save or Save As to save or overwrite a saved search. When the Saved Search dialog opens, type in a name for the search. If you use a descriptive name, it makes it easier to remember the criteria in your saved search.

Delete a search

ACDSee Photo Manager delete search 16x16 Using the Search pane

Select a search from the drop-down list and then click the Delete icon. Click Yes to confirm the deletion, when the prompt opens.

Files and Text

In the Files and Text area, you can identify what you are searching for, and where you want to search for it.

Search for files or folders named

Type a portion of the file or folder name for which you want to search, or select a previous search term from the drop-down list. You can also use wildcards to search for file name patterns. To exclude all non-image files, click the right-arrow button beside the field and select Images only.

With the text

Type the text you want to search for within the ACDSee 12 database. This can include portions of a caption or keyword, or even the name of a folder or category that might contain the files you want to find. When you search by both file name and a keyword or phrase, an item is included in the search result only when it includes both criteria.

To specify what parts of the database you want to search, and indicate how to treat the text you type in the field, click the arrow next to the field and select any of the following options:

  • Find all words: Only returns files that match all of the words you enter.
  • Find whole words only: Only returns files that contain the entire word, exactly as you type it.
  • Search in Caption: Searches the Caption field of files in the database.
  • Search in Keywords: Searches the Keyword field of files in the database.
  • Search in Notes: Searches the Notes field of files in the database.
  • Search in Categories: Searches the Category assignments of files in the database.
  • Search in Folders: Searches in the name of folders in the database.

Search in

Select one of the following options:

  • Entire database: Performs a search on the entire ACDSee 12 database. Note that any folders on your computer that have not been cataloged are not included in the search results.
  • Specific folders and categories: Performs the search only within the categories and folders you specify. Selecting this option opens the Categories and Folders area, where you can select the location and categories in which you want to search.

Sync to browser settings

Imports the current Manage mode settings, including Selective Browsing settings, into the Search pane. Note that this may also remove criteria from the Search pane.

Properties area

In the Properties area, you can identify file properties that you want to search for, and specify ranges of values to include or exclude from your search.

To use the Properties area:

  1. Below the Search file properties for field, click Add.
  2. In the Add Search Criteria dialog box, select one or more properties on which to base your search.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the Properties area, click the hyperlinks to define conditional statements for each property.
  5. Click Start to perform the search.

Using the Search pane