Panning a magnified image

In View mode, you can pan large images by moving them vertically, horizontally, and diagonally across the display area to view specific areas of the image. When an image is larger than the ACDSee 12 window and you use the Scroll tool, the cursor changes to a hand.

To pan an image:

Do one of the following:

  • Drag the image to center the area you want to view.
  • Press an arrow key. You can hold the CTRL key to pan quickly, or hold the SHIFT key to pan more slowly.

Using Pan Lock

You can use the Pan Lock setting to automatically center the same area of a series of larger images in View mode.

To use Pan Lock:

  1. In View mode, pan over a large image to a specific area you want to view.
  2. Using the Zoom menu, zoom in on the image until you reach the magnification you want to use for all of your images.
  3. Click Tools | Zoom | Zoom Lock to keep the current zoom level.
  4. Click Tools | Zoom | Pan Lock.
  5. As you move through your images, each one will be automatically zoomed and panned to the same area.

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