Setting the zoom level

You can use the Set Zoom Level dialog box to set a specific zoom level in View mode.

To set a specific zoom level:

  1. Click Tools | Zoom | Zoom To.
  2. In the Zoom level area, select one of the following:
    • Fit whole image: Zooms the image to fit entirely within the window.
    • Fit width: Zooms the image to fit the width of the window.
    • Fit height: Zooms the image to fit the height of the window.
    • Specify: Specifies a zoom percentage. Type a number in the field or click the drop-down list and select a zoom level.
  3. To use this setting as the default View mode zoom level, select the Lock at this zoom level check box. View mode displays all images based on the specified zoom level.
  4. Click OK.

ACDSee Photo Manager Note Setting the zoom level

If you select Fit whole image you can display the previous or next image by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

Setting the zoom level