Zooming an image

In View mode you can use the Zoom tools to enlarge or reduce the size of the image you are viewing.

When an image is zoomed to a larger size than the View mode window, you can use the Scroll tool (hand icon) to pan or scroll the image.

To zoom an image in or out:

Click Tools | Zoom, and then select one of the Zoom menu options.

Zoom menu options

Zoom In

Increases the magnification of the image.

Zoom Out

Decreases the magnification of the image.

Actual Size

Displays the image at its original dimensions.

Fit Image

Displays the image at the largest magnification that fits in View mode window.

Fit Width

Fits the image within the left and right sides of the View mode window.

Fit Height

Fits the image within the top and bottom of the View mode window.

Zoom Lock

Displays all images at the zoom option of the current image. If the zoom level is adjusted, the new zoom level is applied to all images that you view.

Zoom To

Opens a dialog box where you can select a zoom level.

Pan Lock

Locks the panned area of an image.

ACDSee Photo Manager Note Zooming an image

If you select Fit Image you can display the previous or next image by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

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