Using the Task Pane

The Task Pane displays groups of often-used tasks from the menus and toolbars based on your current location and selections in ACDSee 12. The Task Pane usually opens and on the right side of the Manage mode window.

To open or close the Task pane:

In Manage mode, click View | Task Pane.

The menus in the Task Pane change depending on what area of the Manage mode window you are working in and what items you select. For example, if you select more than a folder in the File List pane, the Task Pane displays different menus than it does if you select a photo or media file.

The options on the Task Pane menus also change dynamically. For example, if you select multiple images in the File List, the options in the Fix and Enhance Photos menu change to list options that you can use with multiple images.

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