Setting the ACDSee Quick View options

You can customize ACDSee Quick View in a number of ways, including displaying Quick View on top of any open windows, displaying Quick view at full screen, or even changing the background color in the Quick View window.

To customize ACDSee Quick View:

  1. Double-click on an image. For example, double-click on the image in Windows Explorer or in an email message.
  2. Click Tools | Options.
  3. Set or change the options as described below.
  4. Click OK to apply your changes.

ACDSee Quick View options

Use ACDSee Quick View

If selected, ACDSee Quick View is set as the default viewer for images when ACDSee 12 is closed.

Enable gamma correction

Applies the specified amount of gamma correction when viewing images.

Disable animation

Displays only the first frame of an animated image.

Always on top

Keeps the Quick View window as the top window in a stack of windows.

Full screen

Opens images in the Quick View window in full screen mode.

Hide mouse cursor in full screen

Hides the cursor in full screen mode.

Default zoom mode

Fit image

Displays the image at the largest magnification that fits in the Quick View window. Images that are smaller than the Quick View window display at their original size.

Actual size

Displays the image at its actual size in the Quick View window.


Default color

Uses the ACDSee 12 background color in Quick View.

Custom color

Specifies a color to use as the background in the Quick View window. Click the color swatch to select a different color.

Setting the ACDSee Quick View options