Setting the Details View options

You can use the Options dialog box to change how thumbnails display in the File List pane.

To adjust the Details View options:

  1. In Manage mode, click Tools | Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, click File List | Details View.
  3. On the Details View page, set or change the options as described below.
  4. Click OK to apply your changes and return to ACDSee 12.

Details View options

Show grid lines

Separates each row and column in Details view mode with a grid line.

Full row select

Selects the entire row when you click a column entry in that row.

Column auto-width

Automatically resizes each column to fit its contents.

Highlight sort column

Highlights the column used to sort files when you click on the column’s title.

Choose Details

Specifies the columns you want to use to sort files in Details view mode.

Setting the Details View options