Setting the File List pane options

You can use the Options dialog box to set options for the File List pane to suit your preferences, such as grouping archive files with subfolders, or highlighting image types with different background colors. You can also customize your thumbnails, the file types ACDSee 12 displays, and adjust how ACDSee 12 handles files and thumbnails in the File List pane.

To adjust the File List pane options:

  1. In Manage mode, click Tools | Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, click File List.
  3. On the File List page, set or change the options as described below.
  4. Click OK to apply your changes and return to ACDSee 12.

File List options

File List

Automatically select new files

Automatically selects new files when they are added to the folder displayed in the File List pane.

Group archives with folders

Treats archive files as folders when sorting items in the File List pane.

Use embedded thumbnails

Displays the RAW files embedded thumbnail if the RAW file has them.

Generate high quality thumbnails

Creates a high-quality thumbnail of the RAW file in the background while the embedded thumbnail is displayed, then replaces the poorer quality thumbnail once it is ready.

Show thumbnails on folders

Displays thumbnails of a folder’s contents on the folder icon in the File List pane.

Remember each folder’s sort settings

Select this option if you want ACDSee 12 to remember the sort settings that you used in specific folders.

<CTRL> key activates hot-tracking

Activates hot-tracking when holding the CTRL key. When selected, you can hot-track (update the contents of the Preview and Properties panes without changing your file selection) by holding the CTRL key and moving your cursor over the File List pane.

Use animations

Activates or deactivates animation for some features as they close or open. For example, group headers.

Configure Filters

Show all files

Shows image files, folders, media files and archive files in the File List.

Apply filtering criteria

Shows any of the following that you select, and hides any that are not selected.

  • Show image files
  • Show folders
  • Show media files
  • Show archive files

Show hidden files and folders

Shows system and other files and that are normally hidden for safety.

Show THM files

Shows Canon THM files in the File Fist.

Show XMP files

Shows XMP sidecar files in the File List.

Highlight image files

Don’t highlight image files

Does not highlight image files in Details and Thumbs+Details views.

Use a single color to highlight image files

Uses a single color to highlight all image file types in Details and Thumbs+Details views.

Use multiple colors to highlight image files

Uses a different color to highlight each image type in Details and Thumbs+Details views.


Mouse cursor hover activates pop-ups

Activates or deactivates the animated pop-up preview that displays when you hover over thumbnails in the File List.

Settings below allow you to include text and/or an image in the pop-up, or if you turn this option off, to activate the pop-up only when you hold down the SHIFT key.

<SHIFT> key activates pop-ups

Activates the pop-up only if you hold down the SHIFT key while hovering over a thumbnail in the File List. You can turn this option off if it interferes with SHIFT selection.

Auto hide pop-ups

Hides pop-ups after 5 seconds, even if you are still hovering over the image.

Show thumbnail in pop-ups

Shows a pop-up preview of images in the File List when you hover over them with a mouse

Show file information in pop-ups

Includes text file information in the mouse-over pop-up. You can select the information to display by clicking Configure Pop-ups and clicking on the type of information.

Configure file information

Opens the Choose Pop-up Information dialog where you can select what information to display in the pop-up when you hover over a thumbnail in the File List. The default is file name, location, size, modified date, and image dimension, but you can select other database, EXIF, file, image, IPTC, or multimedia attributes.

Show the Windows Explorer shell context menu as the default right-click menu

Displays the default Windows Explorer shortcut menu instead of the ACDSee 12 shortcut menu.

Setting the File List pane options