Setting the Preview pane options

You can specify how ACDSee 12 displays previews of your images, and configure settings to play audio and video files automatically, as soon as you view them in the Preview pane.

To set the Preview options:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In Manage mode, click Tools | Options | Preview.
    • In Manage mode, right-click in the Preview pane and select Preview Options.
  2. On the Preview options page, set or change the options as described below.
  3. Click OK to apply your changes and return to ACDSee 12.

Preview options


Specifies how quickly the Preview pane displays an image after you select it in the File List pane.


Specifies the size of the previewed image in relation to the selected image.

Preview audio and video clips

Previews media files as you select them in the File List pane.

Autoplay audio and video clips

Automatically starts playing audio and video files in the Preview pane.

Instant image preview

Displays an instant preview that improves in quality as the image is decoded.

Setting the Preview pane options