Setting the View mode options

You can use the Options dialog box to adjust the behavior of View mode to suit your preferences, and increase the speed with which images are displayed.

To set the View mode options:

  1. In Manage mode, click Tools | Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, click View Mode.
  3. On the View mode options page, set or change any of the View mode options described below.
  4. Click OK to accept your changes and return to ACDSee 12.

View Mode options

Decoding and caching

Decode next image in advance

Automatically decodes the next image in sequence in View mode, resulting in shorter load times.

Keep previous image in memory

Keeps the previously decoded image in memory for quick display in View mode.

Startup files

Replace images in list

Does not open a new View mode window if an image is opened from another application.

Images in new window

Opens a new View mode window to display images opened from another application.

Resampling algorithm


Resamples images in View mode to minimize the raggedness normally associated with image expansion.


Resamples images in View mode to produce smooth transitions, but may cause excessive blurring.

Nearest neighbor

Does not apply resampling to images displayed in View mode.

Dropped files

Replace images in list

Replaces the list of images open in View mode with images dropped into View mode from another application.

Add images to list

Adds any images dropped into View mode by another application to the list of images already open.

Always on top

Keeps the ACDSee 12 window as the top window in a stack of windows.


Opens images in View mode in full-screen mode. (Press F to exit full-screen mode.)

Hide mouse cursor in full-screen

Hides the cursor in full-screen mode.

Instant image preview

Displays an instant preview in View mode that improves in quality as the image is decoded.

Use ACDSee Quick View

If selected, ACDSee Quick View is set as the default viewer for images when ACDSee 12 is closed.

Exit after delete/move

Automatically returns to Manage mode after moving or deleting an image in View mode.

View all images in folder

Adds all images in a folder to the current image list when viewing any file from that folder.

Show full image file path

Displays the image’s full file path in View mode title and status bars.

Setting the View mode options